Venice Canals of Los Angeles

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So while it's really nice sitting outside on my balcony while typing here, the internet connection isn't very strong. It is taking forever uploading these photos... On the upside though I get to enjoy being outside doing nothing while waiting.

Whoever suggests that LA isn't a romantic city clearly hasn't payed a visit to the Historic Venice Canals. Probably one of the most romantic places ever, I'll go out on a limb here and say it probably is even more romantic than the Venice Canals of Venice,Italy. No motor boats, no people, the occasional free spirit singing while paddle boarding which makes for some quaint background music. Best of all, most stunning sunsets ever. I'm talking pink skies with cotton candy shaped clouds. And to top it all off, overgrown rose bushes around every corner. That's pretty romantic right?!
This area is so different from the rest of LA. To be hones every area in Los Angeles is completely different, that's what makes it such a wonderful place. 
Still it's very calm down here, the canals are a walking zone only and duck crossing obviously. 
Anyone traveling to LA should visit this place. Along the canals there aren't any shops of cafes but just beyond them there's this cute little street called Abbot Kinney packed with wonderful spots to indulge, more on that in an other post though.
You should just take your time walking around, taking beautiful pictures of the place where a man realized is dream of bringing the Venice Canals to California. 
For me most fascinating is how every homeowner designs his living space as his heart desires. 
No property maintenance rules.
Sort of an architects paradise. 
Or maybe more of a bohemian paradise. 


Wearing: Dress: Jen's Pirate Booty / Hat: Vintage

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  1. So jealous right now, we're stuck in rainy Manchester :(

    - Grace and Charlotte

  2. Gorgeous photos! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin?

    Fashion latte with vanilla

  3. Such a beautiful place. Love LA!
    kiss from Mexico city.

  4. Beautiful photos lady! That dress is adorable and the whole scene just makes me want Summer to be here already!

    Xo Natasja

  5. Amazing p,a e and your look is faboulous!


  6. Thank you Pia, of course we can :) xx

  7. Thank you so much Michèle, that dress is one of my favorites this summer :) xx

  8. Thank you Ana, that's so sweet of you. xx

  9. Thank you Natasja, I know I can't wait for it to come either! xx

  10. Such a gorgeous spot and beautiful outfit! x

  11. such beautiful scenery, seen them only on films, it's good u experienced it!

    new outfit > > > THE MILANO MODE

  12. This canal looks so beautiful! I would love to see more of America, especially LA! x

  13. Love these photos! Looks so awesome. And super jealous of your long hair!

  14. This sounds and looks absolutely amazing! I've always wanted to go to LA, even more now!

  15. Floortje van CootenMay 24, 2014 at 1:23 PM

    Great photos !Love them!


  16. Beautiful bohemian look
    Kisses from Miami,

  17. I absolutely love your dress and these photos are beautiful!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  18. Just went here the other day! It's so cute isn't it?! xx

  19. Love the canals! This is SO cute!


    Tobruckave Blog

  20. That white dress is just to die for !!

  21. I LOVE the Venice Canals! So picturesque and unique. Love the dress too!

    xx Meg

  22. In LOVE with the photos and the dress, definitely will put visiting this place on my to-do- (more like bucket-) list!!
    Beautiful xx